COVID Friendly.

One of the great benefits of building Compass Rose during the Covid-19 pandemic is that we were able to create the space knowing that social distancing, and keeping spaces clean (wipe-able EVERYTHING) were necessary. So you can come to our “village” and feel confident knowing that we use non-toxic disinfectants, approved by Health Canada, to keep you and your family out of harm’s way. We have built our centre so you can come spend time here and are able to keep a safe distance from other “villagers” while still benefiting from each other’s company. We have various seating areas, a nursing nook, coffee/tea bar, kitchen, baby swings (with fresh linens between babies) and a hydrotherapy massage bed for parents. All our services comply with local health guidelines. Everything is disinfected between clients so you don’t have to stay home to stay healthy. You are allowed to take care of your mental and physical health needs, in a safe space. For clients who are looking for virtual appointments or workshops, no problem, we have those too. We also have the ability to turn to a virtual model easily should we need to in the future.
Whether you are coming in for a pre-booked appointment, or dropping in for a 15 minute hydrotherapy massage – feel free to stay for a chat and a coffee/tea in our child friendly space. If there are too many people in our centre, we will politely let you know when it’s okay to come back. You can also call ahead to see how busy we are.