Our Workshops and Groups

Our groups are now done in-person in our clinic. Participants will be limited based on COVID restrictions. If anyone would prefer an online option, call our reception desk and we are happy to set up an online option for a workshop you register for.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

The breastfeeding relationship begins the second your baby is born, it is often a persons first act of mothering. So lets prepare to get you off to a great start. In this 2 hour long session we will go over how to get breastfeeding started, how breastfeeding works, and how to get the best latch possible. We will also explore how to read your baby’s cues: how to tell if baby is hungry, is baby *actually* drinking while at the breast, and how to know if baby is getting enough.
2hr duration

To register please call our office 519-471-3773 or book online.


$59 low-ratio group

Preparing for Childbirth / Childbirth Education

Birth is the beginning of an awesome transition, a new life awaits on the other side. Birth is a process that should be honoured and cherished. In this workshop we will dive deep into how amazing the body of a birthing parent is. From what is happening during pregnancy, to what is happening in the body during the birth process. Knowledge is power after all, and with this deep understanding on how it all works we can empower you to birth with confidence. We will also discuss hospital policies and procedures, how to make decisions confidently when making choices about medical interventions, as well as how an induction birth may be different, and what a cesarian section or assisted deliveries may look like.
4hrs duration

To register please call our office 519-471-3773 or book online.


$149 low-ratio group

Push Preparation Workshop with Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

We will provide you with prenatal exercises, labour tips, optimal pushing practices AND postnatal recovery tips.

  • The physiology of labour & birth
  • How the nervous system is involved in labour & birth
  • Pain management & coping strategies
  • Pushing strategies that protect your pelvic floor

This workshop is two hours long and is for anyone who is preparing for birth, whether you’ve had children before or not.

$59/person – covered by Physiotherapy benefits

Drop-in Breastfeeding & Tongue-Tie Assessment Clinic

Drop-in between the hours of 10am and 11:30am for support from:
Rebecca Robertson – Breastfeeding Counsellor and/or Alicia McGowan – Tongue Tie Consultant.
You are welcome to stay the entire duration or to leave after you get the support you need. We have a large space available and can accommodate clients with a group setting and/or a private space, whatever is your preference. Children of any age are welcome if you would like to have an assessment of potential tethered oral tissue.


Drop-in Breastfeeding Circle

This drop-in circle is with Rebecca Robertson, Breastfeeding counsellor, Doula and childbirth educator. She has over 10 years of experience working with parents on feeding their infants.
You are welcome to stay for the entire duration, 10am-11:30am, or you can leave after you get the support that you need. We can provide support in a group environment, or in a private office, based on your preference.